Testimonials: What Others Say About Graeme


Rick Brimacomb

Founder, Club Entrepreneur and other
businesses (and a former VC partner)

"I've worked with Graeme across many fronts over the years and he's always added value to my efforts. There's a reason I keep using Graeme: he delivers!"


Jeffrey Blank

Cofounder and Managing Director, TreeHouse Health
(a healthcare startup seed fund and incubator)

"Graeme is very effective and knows how to work with early-stage companies. He was able to help us deliver on and even exceed our goals."

Daren Klum

Daren Klum

Founder/CEO, Secured2 Corp.
(and a three-time tech entrepreneur)

"Graeme is an incredible force in the Minnesota high-tech community... someone who's devoted his life to helping others succeed. He's a rockstar you need to have in your network."


Don Giacchetti

President, TACT Solutions, experienced board member, and CEO/COO/GM for small to mid-sized tech firms

"While leading several tech firms as CEO, I hired Graeme to bring insightful product/marketing strategy, clarity of communications, and intense focus to critical projects. He is a team player that learns the landscape quickly, adds key market knowledge, and takes a leadership role to execute priority tasks. Graeme continues to be an excellent go-to guy for crucial local and industry business connections. His rolodex is second to none!"

Tanner Thompson

Tanner Thompson

Chief Product Officer, MJG Int'l, and formerly Web & Digital Media Manager, Pentair, and Marketing Director, Workface LLC

"Graeme has an amazing ability to quickly dissect and find value in new ideas and technology...he's been extremely additive to our business through his insights, trusted network connections, and innovative approaches."


John Finkler

Graphic & Web Designer, Design Instructor,
and cofounder of Luna Arts

"The breadth of Graeme's knowledge of tech, marketing, and the startup world is amazing... He's a great communicator, problem-solver, and seamlessly converts his experience into action."


Richard Scorza

Cofounder, Sports Growth Partners

"Graeme is one of the most forthright and trustworthy individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with... Even more is his ability to synthesize information and offer thoughtful advice. He's always made himself available for counsel and I greatly appreciate his help."


Paul Mayer

Senior Product Manager, Veritas and Symantec,
and previously Datalink and Rorke Data

"I've had the privilege of working with Graeme in multiple capacities. First as he provided business development services to our startup software company, where he brokered several high-impact partnerships... Graeme seems to have a knack for winning at everything he endeavors."


Susan Sorensen Langer

Founder & CEO, Live.Give.Save.
(a MN Cup 2017 Semifinalist)

"Graeme did startups before startups were cool. I’ve known and worked with Graeme for many years. His energy, enthusiasm, and connections are matchless. He’s everywhere and knows everyone. Graeme calls; people respond."


William Harris

Top-35 ecommerce expert, Top-75 SaaS influencer,
and Founder, Elumynt LLC

"Graeme is one of the most helpful people I know. His honesty, thoughtfulness, and creativity are what set him apart. A lot of people can hustle. but Graeme has been doing this long enough to know what works, what doesn't, and how to get results..."


Lisa Foote

formerly Product Strategist at Pearson VUE,
and cofounder of MixMobi and Kwingo

"Graeme's passion is everything high tech. He's always very up to date on innovations, startups and trends... an excellent source when you need to understand the landscape, and how to best get your message out."


Jason Bakker

COO, Campus Media Group Inc.

"Looking for an entrepreneurial spirit combined with been-there-done-that wisdom? Head to the cutting edge and you'll find Graeme."


Jamie Ostheimer, PhD

Director-Data Science, BioElectron Technology Corp.
(and formerly founder of ZingString LLC)

"Graeme is the ultimate person to open doors for you... more than willing to facilitate any introduction. He's an absolutely invaluable resource any startup would be lucky to have."


Rob Griggs

Vice President, Corum Group (a software M&A firm),
and previously a cofounder of multiple tech startups

"Graeme is one of the smartest, most connected, and enthusiastic people I've ever met... You can't afford not to stay engaged and connected with him. He'll always be my go-to person for strategy, planning, communications, and networking."


Steve Borsch

CEO, Marketing Directions, Inc., and former
VP, Strategic Alliances at Lawson Software
and sales leader at Vignette and Apple

"Graeme is a connector, and I've seen this firsthand when he learned about a venture capitalist's focus and later met with a startup in need of capital. The connection was a bit of a stretch, but he saw it, put the two of them together, and magic happened."


Christian Gammill

Venture Advisor & Founder, tbd ventures;
Techstars mentor; and former tech startup cofounder

"Graeme is an excellent educator and connector, making him the most valuable of advisers! He is a pleasure to work with and a terrific partner. I'd hire him again."

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